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The wonderland Homestay and Naivasha at large will always provide a host of things to do to key moments during the course of your stay and vacation.

Relish a swim at
Olkaria Spa

Olkaria is a place not only rich in minerals but also Hot springs and Geysers. Have a time of your life by taking a hot deep in the scorching but lovely Naivasha sun.

KenGen created a natural spa in form of a swimming pool through steam harvesting. The hot steam has fame far and wide for its healing magic on the skin.

The Olkaria Spa would be a serene spot to take an evening or afternoon swim while enjoying the environment and wildlife.

Self Catering Cottages in Naivasha

Outdoor BBQ

Captivating your taste buds is an essential part in making any vacation memorable. Doing that in the company of relatives and friends makes the whole escapade even more enjoyable. Imagine tearing your favorite part of the steak while having one of the most scenic views one would ever get in Kenya. You can indulge in a one of a kind outdoor BBQ at our lush gardens.

* Alternatively, you can also book a table from our restaurant and enjoy exotic well prepared dishes. 


Naivasha has hiking spots in abundance. Visiting the town without your hiking gear is considered taboo. The terrain is inviting for all hiking enthusiasts as well as those seeking to start out.


One of the best activities to recharge your body and keep you going.

keep fit

Ensures that you can resume with your fitness routine while on holiday.

Self Catering Cottages in Naivasha


Just like hiking, cycling is one of the most loved activity for Naivasha dwellers and visitors alike. A lot of safe biking and cycling routes available will ensure that you can extend your favorite adventure here.

“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride”


Lake Naivasha is one of the most enjoyable places to visit in Naivasha. Boat riding is one of the most common activities in the area.

While at it you’ll get to enjoy viewing the dense population of hippos, birds and fish. Lake Oloiden, the least popular of the lakes is another spot you would indulge in a quiet evening or morning boat ride. Its low traffic makes it the better option.


We have a modern and professionally manned conference facility to cater for up to 50 people. Our meeting and conference room is fully equipped and state of the art technology.  advancement tools to improve convenience.

We also also offer  grounds to host your weddings, family get togethers, birthday parties e.t.c