What to eat in Naivasha

Restaurants in Naivasha are famously known for their mouthwatering delicacies. What makes them stand out however is that they are masters of creating both local and international cuisines.  They offer the best of both worlds.

If you’re a food lover Naivasha will ensure your taste buds get the treatment they deserve. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing dishes you will enjoy during your stay in Naivasha. 


Fish is the major local delicacy of Naivasha, which is a lake town. They are not only plentiful, but they are also reasonably priced. As a result, regardless of the number of people, you can eat as much fish as you like and still have money left over.

Many hotels in Naivasha tend to offer it as the main delicacy in their menu hence available anywhere in the town. Should you decide to live in self catering cottages during your stay, you can buy one at the buzzing market and prepare it yourself.

Naivasha street food

The Kenyan street food scene is well portrayed in Naivasha town. There’s no better way to enjoy Kenyan delicacies than having a quick meal while standing by the roadside. 

The street food ranges from a “Matura”, Samosa or boiled egg stuffed with sliced onions and tomatoes. 

Nyama Choma

Kenya’s unofficial national cuisine is nyama choma, which means grilled pork in Swahili. The meat is mainly goat or beef, and it’s roasted anywhere from roadside shacks to upscale dining establishments. 

You will get nyama choma in most if not all restaurants in Naivasha. Some people prefer just meat and salt. Others prefer a dash of kachumbari (a mix of chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and occasionally avocado) or pili pili (chilli). Ugali (cornmeal starch) and greasy chips (French fries) are popular sources of starch.

What makes nyama choma so special, is the various accompaniments one have along with the meat. Having a cold beer with nyama choma is one of the most common occurrences anywhere in Naivasha.  

While searching for accommodation in Naivasha, you should not only look out for amenities but also exemplary food joints to keep your stomach in check. The positive news however is that restaurants in Naivasha are quite many hence finding one shouldn’t be a daunting task.

What makes a perfect staycation hotel?

When looking for the best places to stay in Naivasha, your utmost comfort and flexibility are significant decision-making factors. Many affordable hotels in Naivasha may fail to meet the bare minimum with regards to making the perfect staycation hotel.

A hotel must be highly professional and honest to its visitors, regardless of where you stay during your staycation.  If you are planning a vacation and a honeymoon, it is best to gather all of the necessary information on hotels and their availability one month before departure to avoid surprises.

We have compiled a list of what makes the perfect staycation hotel.

Quality service

Hotels that give a fantastic customer experience know-how to provide their guests with unique and quality service. Their level of service quality is based on the most recent hospitality industry innovations, successful service performance, and the ability to adapt to new technologies to satisfy client expectations.

Provision of extra support

A good hotel should always be prepared to serve and provide additional help to its visitors, regardless of the circumstances. They should constantly be there for their visitors in the event of an emergency or catastrophe, and they should always look after their guests by providing proper accommodation rather than placing them in an unprepared and unorganized area

Have Recreational centers

Several places to stay in Naivasha will never lack a swimming pool, a gym or lush grounds for other activities. This is also a common occurrence with campsites in Naivasha. With more people becoming health conscious, having recreational facilities within the hotel grounds is almost a necessity.

The Hotel’s Location

The most crucial aspect of any establishment, whether it is a shop, a restaurant, or a hotel, is its location. The hotel should be in a great location that is distinct from other budget hotels. Being close to or near attraction sites and other amenities is another plus that is often overlooked.

The fun becomes better when you don’t have to take a long drive to the nearest bar or your favorite attraction site. 

The above guidelines will do you a great deal when looking for places to stay in Naivasha. While it may be difficult to finding the perfect staycation hotel, looking for obvious red flags is integral. 

Why Should you visit Wonderland Homestay

As far as self catering cottages in Naivasha are concerned, few or none come close to Wonderland Homestay. It’s one thing providing accommodation and a different thing giving your visitors a complete feel at homestay.

Since its inception in the market, Wonderland Homestay has set out to be well ahead of other affordable hotels in Naivasha.

Here is what to expect once you step foot into Wonderland Homestay.

Luxurious Stay.

Wonderland Homestay’s ultimate calling is making all its guests feel cherished and fully catered for.  Luxury is written all over the space and services provided. All The rooms are well lit and airy. The beds are extremely comfy, and the linens are crisp.

After a hard day exploring Naivasha, unwinding in your en-suite would be the truly perfect way to end it.

Prime Location

Your staycation’s location is extremely important for the eventual outcome of your holiday. This not only focuses on the immediate surrounding but also its proximity to amenities and fun-filled locations.

Being in the presence of lush gardens, you will enjoy a sweeping view of the surrounding countryside and as far as Lake Naivasha, giving the ideal relaxing setting. It’s ideal location in the town will ensure you won’t run out of places to visit in Naivasha.

Wonderful cuisine

Great moments are made by great food. Accommodation in Naivasha assures you nothing short of the first-hand experience indulging your taste buds.

From delectable appetizers to signature main dishes, amusing desserts, superb wines, and more, sample some of the magic that goes on in our kitchens, only your taste buds can speak for themselves.

Contemporary in design and created to delight the senses, Wonderland Homestay offers a warm and invigorating space with all comforts. Self catering cottages aside Wonderland Homestay is also making a name for itself amongst wedding venues in Naivasha.